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Inspiring and accelerating understanding through an entirely new way of learning.

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zSpace Technology in STEM Education

zSpace is the ultimate immersive learning experience. Instead of just reading about science, zSpace allows students to interact with objects and really understand the science behind them. With zSpace, students can learn highly engaging tasks that are often too complex, expensive and/or dangerous for the classroom.

Imagine dissecting a frog or a human without getting messy or building a robot without having to worry about limited supplies or student safety. Then imagine doing this and much more during your 45-minute science class or basic anatomy class—with zSpace you can!

The zSpace STEM package combines high definition 3D experience and interactive engagement within the zSpace environment along with learning applications built around the Next Generation Science Standards. Hardware, software and curriculum support is included.

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Bring the FUN back to learning!

Inspires student understanding through an entirely new way of learning
Virtual reality learning environment where anything is possible with ease, including, manipulating gravity, freezing time, reversing a chemical reaction and never running out of supplies.

Empowers mastery based learning
Encourages learning through trial and error by dramatically reducing the time needed to reset, repeat and alter experiential learning projects, that are messy, difficult, dangerous and complex.

Accelerates understanding of complex concepts
Shortens learning curve and builds teacher confidence to deliver standards aligned projects that convey concepts in unique and memorable ways.

Creates unique collaboration opportunities
Perfect for team projects and brainstorming.

The zSpace STEM Package Includes:

  • Software
  • zSpace Learning Apps
  • Partner Apps: CyberScience3D, 123D Design Suite, and Windows 7
  • Hardware
  • Ten student STEM stations
  • Two teacher STEM stations with zView presentation capability
  • Service
  • One day of on-site training
  • Updates and additional content for zSpace Learning Applications, as well as hardware support and service.

Standards Alignment

The breadth of content available in zSpace learning applications offers opportunity to apply zSpace in all sciences and across grade levels. An overview of Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Standards which are supported through zSpace learning applications are listed here:

  • Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
    • - Developing and using models
    • - Engaging in argument from evidence
    • - Asking questions and defining problems
    • - Planning and carrying out investigations
    • - Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information
    • - Constructing explanations and designing solutions
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)
    • - Asking questions and defining problems
    • - Developing and using models
    • - Using mathematics and computational thinking
    • - Analyzing and interpreting data
    • - Engaging in argument through evidence
  • Life Sciences:
    • From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
      • - Plants
      • - Animals
      • - Human body systems
      • - Cells
      • - Life Cycle (plant and human)
    • Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
      • - Fossils
      • - Human evolutionary process
  • Earth and Space Sciences:
    • - Earth’s Place in the Universe
    • - Fossils
  • Physical Sciences:
    • Forces & Interactions: Motion and Stability
      • - Newton’s first law
      • - Newton’s second law
      • - Newton’s third law
      • - Gravity
      • - Magnetic forces
      • - Electrical forces
      • - Balanced and unbalanced forces
      • - Electric motors
    • Matter & its Interactions
      • - Atomic composition
    • Energy
      • - Kinetic energy
      • - Potential energy
      • - Energy transfer
      • - Collisions


“Seeing a heart and its functionality in 3D offered students a more realistic view versus seeing pictures in a textbook or watching a video online. In a 3D reality, students were able to virtually dissect the heart and carefully examine each part”.

Karen Wilson - STEM Coach, Los Altos School District

“Using zSpace in our FabLab will give students a head start toward a career in IT or engineering. Students will now have the opportunity to use the latest technologies to create and test a prototype for their solution, in a process that mirrors what takes place here in the Silicon Valley”.

Wanny Hersey - Superintendent / Principal, Bullis Charter School

“We understand that each student has a unique way of learning, this is especially true in abstract and complex topics such as chemistry or microbiology. With zSpace, we are working to make learning and applying STEM concepts engaging for all our students”.

Jeffrey Baier - Superintendent, Los Altos School District

STEM Education Applications

  • {partner_company_name}

    Studio is zSpace’s model tool that allows students to compare, analyze, annotate and explore rich 3D models.

  • {partner_company_name}

    zSpace’s Franklin’s Lab application guides students through the elements of electricity. From underlying principals to magnetism, circuits, and motor applications.

  • {partner_company_name}

    zSpace’s Newton’s Park allows students to construct and analyze experiments making use of Newton’s laws as part of an open “sandbox” environment - a physics playground.

  • {partner_company_name}

    Cyber Science 3D™ is a 3D interactive science software for learning and exploring Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoology, Earth Science, Microbiology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Paleontology.